Writing for Virginia and Dashon from Roomful

Dates and Deadlines

Thursday, Oct. 4, 2012
Attend the demo by Roomful of Teeth. Study the resource scores and recordings that we provided you. Find them in the classesv2 Composition Seminar Resources folder! See Resources Folder below.

Thursday, December, 18, 2012 – Submission #2
Submit 1′-2′ of vocal music as a .pdf file along with an accompanying audio file generated from your notation score.

Here’s what’s required:
1. Compose for vocal duo; Virginia, mezzo-soprano, and Dashon, bass-baritone.
2. Choose your own text.
3. Modulate at least once to either a chromatic third or tritone relationship.
4. Use mixed meter.
5. Motivic coherence throughout!

Roomful of Teeth Resources Folder (classesv2 server)

1. Roomful Ranges – .pdf
2. Teeth Technique Sheet – .pdf
3. Scores and Recordings for these works:

Amid the Minotaurs
Ansa Ya
Cesca’s View
There Will Be
Vespa Sparrow

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