Audition Requirements

Enrollment Limits:

Admission to Music 320a/321b is by enrollment and each class is limited to 20 students. Admission to Music 420a/421b, is by audition only and is limited to 10 students.  Music 497a or b, the Senior Essay Project in Musical Composition, is limited to a handful of students per year.

Auditioning for Music 420a/421b:

All students must audition for Music 420a/421b and should submit: 1), a proposal of compositional work planned during the semester with an explanation as to how the proposed work represents an advancement of compositional aesthetics, skills and techniques; and 2), one or two pdf scores and mp3 recordings. Submit the materials online as a single .zip file as directed at the Canvas website for Composition Seminar. Contact Professor Kaczmarek,, regarding Music 420a; or Professor Alexander,, for Music 421b.

Auditioning for Music 497a or b:

Students who are interested in Music 497a or b should e-mail either Professor Kathryn Alexander or Professor Konrad Kaczmarek to learn more about the Senior Project enrollment. Acceptance is by audition only and requires prior completion of Music 320a/321b, and Music 420a/421b. Enrollment is limited to a handful of students per year.

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