YSO Composition Readings

Sponsored by Yale College New Music:

For 20120-21, a review will be held to select the pieces for the next YSO Reading Session, the date of which is TBA.

Submission #1 Guidelines: DUE NO LATER than Thursday, Oct. 15th, 12:59 pm

Yale College composers are invited to submit three to five minutes of an original orchestral work for consideration,  either a Finale or Sibelius file, to Prof. Kathryn Alexander by email. If chosen, they must also submit two scores of their orchestral work, printed back-to-back on 11×17 paper and neatly bound, to the Business Office of the Department of Music. Works may be submitted at any time before the Oct. 15th deadline.

Instrumentation:,, harp, piano, percussion, timpani, strings

Maximum of three percussion players. Choose from the following instruments:

  • Mallets: chimes, glockenspiel, marimba, vibraphone, xylophone
  • Metals: finger cymbals, crash cymbals, suspended cymbal (16” and 18”), large tam-tam, triangle (5”, 7” and 10”)
  • Skins: drum kit (5-piece), snare drum, bass drum, tambourine, timpani
  • Woods: castanets, claves, guiro, temple blocks
  • Other: bird call, flexatone, ratchet, slapstick, sleigh bells, vibraslap

Repertoire Examples:

Works by Yale College composers that have been either read or programmed by the YSO:

hatchling – Emil Ernstrom; read by the YSO

Unraveling – Max Vinetz; premiered  Nov. 11th, 2017 with the YSO


Professors Kathryn Alexander and Konrad Kaczmarek will review the submissions.

Submission #2: DUE NO LATER than Thursday, Nov. 5th, 12:59 pm

The selected composers must submit the final, revised score to Prof. Kathryn Alexander.

Meeting with Maestro Boughton:

If chosen for the readings you must be available to meet with Maestro Boughton in December 2020.


A composer’s piece will not be read if he/she fails to meet the Submission #2 deadline on time with the appropriate professional-quality materials.

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