Mallet Percussion Repertoire

Scores and YouTube Recordings:

Dances Of Earth and Fire, I & II, for solo marimba, by Peter Klatzow:
Score     Entire Work

Ambient Resonances, I & II, for vibraphone & marimba: by Peter Klatzow:
Score     Mvt. I, Mvt II

Textures, I-VIII, for percussion and pianos, by Paul Lanky
Score     Entire Work

Nagoya Marimbas, for two marimbas, by Steve Reich
Score     Entire Work

Rhythmic Caprice, for solo marimba, by Leigh Howard Stevens
Score     Entire Work

Two Movements for Marimba, I only, for solo marimba, by Tanaka Toshimitsu
Score     Mvt I

Khan Variations, for solo marimba, by Alejandro Vinao
Score     Entire Work

Additional YouTube Recordings:

Yesterday, for solo marimba, by The Beatles
Entire Work

Violin Sonata No. 1 in G Minor, for solo marimba, by J. S. Bach 
I. Adagio

Alborada del Gracioso, for marimba duo, by Maurice Ravel
Entire Work

Postludes for Bowed Vibraphone, Postlude 6, for bowed vibraphone, by Elliot Cole
Postlude 6

Reflections on the Nature of Water, for solo marimba, by Jacob Druckman
Mvts. I-III

Toccata, for vibraphone and marimba, by Koppel
Entire Work

Book of Grooves, I-IV, for marimba duo, by Alejandro Vinao
Mvt. I, Mvt. II, Mvt. III, Mvt. IV

Le Livres des Claviers, Part II, for marimba duo, by Philippe Manoury
Part II

Rain Tree, for percussion trio, by Toru Takemitsu
Entire Work

imagine there was nothing, for percussion trio, by Fredrik Andersson
Entire Work


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