4. Design & Implement Bass Line Doublings

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  • a. For bars 1-4, bass line in cello & double bass in octaves.
  • b. For bars 5-8, add at least one bassoon at a 2 octave range.
  • c. For bars 9-12, add another woodwind and a mallet instrument at a 3 octave range.
  • d. For bar 15, a huge tutti bass line gesture using viola, cello, double bass, clarinets, bassoons, 3 mallet instruments and piano in unisons and octaves, spread out over a 4 octave range.
  • e. For bars 16-20, reverse the process: begin with cello & double bass, two woodwinds, a mallet instrument; reduce to cello & double bass, and bassoon; reduce to cello & double bass.
  • f. Bar 21, huge bass line scoring over 4 octaves.

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